I'm a Publisher

Helping publishers generate revenue from underutilised space

Guidesandbrochures.co.uk is a leading provider of consumer information across a range of industries. As well as offering guides on our website, we rely on a network of quality online publishers to help bring targeted brochures and sources of information direct to consumers who are likely to be interested in them.

For publishers, our business offers a fantastic opportunity to make the most of underused website space and generate additional ongoing revenue.

Why use Guides & Brochures?

  • Generate revenue from underused space: Rather than replace existing banner ads or important content, our guides can usually be placed in otherwise “dead space” or areas of your site that are not currently being used effectively.
  • 50% CPL: For each lead we generate via your site, we'll give you half of the cost-per-lead we receive from the advertiser.
  • Lifetime revenue from your leads: If someone signs up via your site, we’ll continue to reward you every time we generate additional revenue from them in future.
  • We don’t drive traffic away from your site: With most forms of advertising, if someone clicks on an ad on your website, they’ll be taken to the advertiser’s site, thereby directing traffic away from yours. However, Guides & Brochures works using an integrated scroll down form. After submission, this disappears, leaving the consumer on your website.
  • We put you in control: We know you don’t want inappropriate ads and content associated with your website so not only does our system use careful content-based targeting to select the most appropriate ads for your site, we also let you select specific advertisers that you wish to exclude.
  • Detailed, transparent reporting: With our easy-to-use reporting system, you can check exactly how much you’re generating from our guides, and which are performing best.