The UK’s best Student property investment
with a 6 year non-status payment plan.**

Secure hands-off investment

Fully managed 7 year scheme with minimum 9% NET rental return assured for the first 2 years.*

6 year non-status payment plan**

City centre UK property for only £57,950 available on a 6 year non-status payment plan.**

Buy early in a proven investment

The second project in the highly successful VITA brand, which has already SOLD OUT one development in a matter of weeks - Buy Now

Request full investment details

* Required Information. Your details will not be sold or
supplied to any other third parties.

* Based on list price of property. Purchasers on the 6 Year Payment Planwill receive 8.33% net minimum annual return for the first 2 years.

** The purchase price of properties on the 6 Year Payment Plan includes an increased premium of 8.1% above the standard list price which can be reduced by early settlement at any time.

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