How does Guidesandbrochures.co.uk work?
Once you’ve picked out a guide you would like to download and you click on it, this will bring up a scroll down form. Simply complete this short form and click 'submit'. You will then receive an e-mail with a link through to the guide that you have requested. You are free to save, print or share this as you wish.

Who produces the guides?
All guides and brochures on the site are written by our partner companies, which have significant professional expertise in the subjects about which they are writing. These are then checked, and in some cases edited and redesigned, by the experienced publishing team at Guidesandbrochures.co.uk. 

Are they really free?
Yes! There is no charge for downloading any of our guides and brochures – now or ever – and there is no obligation to buy anything else.

How do you make your money then?
We make our money from the companies that write the guides and brochures for the site. In some cases they may contact you to provide further information or tell you about products and services that may be of interest. There is, however, no obligation to purchase anything.

What sort of topics do you cover?
Our guides and brochures deal with a wide variety of topics that we think may be of interest to consumers – from CFD trading and alternative investments to new cars, travel destination guides and housebuying information.

Why not have a browse through the various categories on the site, or search for the specific guide you’re interested in? And if there’s a particular guide you’d like to see on the site but which isn’t there already, please do let us know.