About Us

Guidesandbrochures.co.uk is a leading provider of consumer information in the form of free, downloadable PDFs. Our guides, covering a range of topics, are all available from our website and are also distributed via a network of carefully selected, relevant online publishers.

Guidesandbrochures.co.uk is part of The Publishing Group, which owns and operates a range of B2C and B2B publications covering investments, property and lifestyle topics. Other websites within the group include EveryInvestor.co.uk, Mortgage Introducer, Quantum Leap Newsletter, MyVillage.com and Music-News.com.

The Guides & Brochures service is powered by software from Lead Engine. This utilises cutting-edge Java technology to provide a full suite of campaign creation and management tools, as well as real time data capture and validation. As well as powering the Guides & Brochures system, Lead Engine software is also available as a standalone tool for advertisers. To find out more, please contact info@guidesandbrochures.co.uk